I create authentic brands and gorgeous websites for women who are changing the world.

If you deeply desire to help people, but building a brand, website, and all-the-things feels completely overwhelming…then we need to chat.

Together, we’ll end website shame and co-create a brand and website that captures the essence of your gifts, passion and purpose so you can elevate your business and deliver the impact your work deserves.

Here is what is possible when you work with an experienced brand strategist and website designer that get’s you:


Bring the ideas in your brain to life


Strategically build a website that attracts your ideal client


Develop brand visuals that give you confidence to share your gifts with the world and on social media


Design a gorgeous ebook and social media graphics so you can hit the ground running with your new offer.

Hey there! I’m Chassie, a passionate home cook, former year book nerd, and extrovert who has spent the last 20+ years of my life as a brand strategist and graphic artist.

I’m also deeply passionate about you and your business.

I want to see you THRIVE, make loads of money, have time for your extracurriculars and create major change in the world. But, building a brand and website can be very overwhelming.

Who you do listen to? What platform do you use? How do you write an about page?

It’s enough to make you want crawl under a big blanket and binge watch Schitt’s Creek.

That’s where I come in. With over 20 years of experience as a brand strategist and graphic artist, my goal is to help holistic, socially conscious and spiritual entrepreneurs, like you, breathe life into your online presence so you can step out in confidence and get back to business.


"You took what was in my head and turned into a website that was MORE me than what I imagined.

My website and opt-in have had a hugely positive response. I have a clearer vision about what my new business will look like and I have a better idea about the path I will take to achieve my goals.”


– Heidi, Heidi Wells, PsyD

If you are ready to co-create your beautiful new brand, let’s get this party started.


Step 1

Schedule a Free Call

I want to hear ALL about your business and how you are serving your community.


Step 2

Co-Creation Begins

Together we will bring those visions in your head to life and build a new home for your business. 


Step 3

Launch and Grow Your Business

With a website that effectively communicates your gifts you are now well on your way to a booming business.

Ready to dive in?

Below are a couple of ways we can work together:

À la carte Design Day


Your design project + my undivided attention full a full day means your project skips the line and gets DONE FAST.

The Gourmet Brand and Website Experience


Brand Visual Identity, Custom Built Responsive Website, Freebie + Social Media Graphics, Opt-in Integration and so much more.

Client Love

Chassie was a total dream-boat to work with! For starters, she has a knack for communicating that allows her to convert your vision to reality so efficiently she makes it look easy.

She knows the right questions to ask and brought my whole vision to life on my website.

Not only is she a whiz at design but she also understands copy which came in REALLY helpful when the copy I received from my copywriter didn’t fit my vision at all and I had to re-write it. She gave me key advice and I’m so happy with the way the website looks and reads. If you have even a vague idea of what you want to convey in your website, Chassie will help make all your dreams come true!

Karly Nuttall

Midwife and Hormone Specialist

Thank you so much for delivering a exquisite website – you delivered beyond what I had in mind and then some. I’m so proud of it and finally have something that represents my heart.


Tara Epstein

Owner, Lemongrass Salon and Spa

Thank you, thank you, thank you.  You have taken any thoughts I have had regarding my branding & taken it 10 levels above what I could have ever imagined.  I love it All!   You will forever be a part of my entrepreneur journey.  You are simply Amazing.

Tasha Sarver

Food Fit Nutrition

Chassie’s gifts and expertise go far beyond the scope of web design.

Her prompts to facilitate clear communication in co-designing my vision PROPELLED my business development.

Through the process, little gems of ideas generously spill out of her. Chassie has an insatiable appetite for learning and improvement and is a fountain of applied knowledge.

I came away with a beautiful website that I am eager and proud to share. I feel that my business is fully represented in the aesthetic and flow. Additionally, I have better picture of my business and myself as a business owner. By the end of the project, was infused with as ease of productivity and creativity.


Lark Knowles Music

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Breathe life back into your branding, realign your online presence with a website that works, and step into the next stage of your entrepreneurial evolution.