You have a vision. I can bring it to life.

Together we’ll co-create a brand and website that deeply resonates with the powerful work you do.

Hey there! I’m Chassie, a passionate home cook, former year book nerd, and wannabe Beyoncé backup dancer with over 20 years of experience as a brand strategist and designer.

I’m also deeply passionate about you and your business. I want to see you THRIVE, make loads of money, have time for your extracurriculars and create major change in the world.

Did you know that when women make more money, they do more in their communities with it? We’re talking about building schools, starting charities, lifting other women up…so yeah. I want you to succeed so that this world we live in becomes less of a dumpster fire and more of a shooting rainbows from our chests kind of world.

And to do that…you’ve got to get out there and promote yourself. But that website your best friend’s-daughter’s-cousin’s-friend made for you is not cutting it anymore.

You have a vision in your head and you need a seasoned and experienced designer to extract those beautiful ideas and bring them to life in a brand and website.

When you build a brand and a website based on how you want people to feel you immediately connect with them on a deeper level.

That deeper connection builds trust, familiarity and opens the door to your ideal client.



So you know the kind of person you are dealing with.

» Aquarius Sun / Virgo Moon / Life Path 7 / Projector….for any of you woo woo friends who want to analyze me ♒️ ♍️ 🔮

» I have certifications in health coaching, functional nutrition, and transformational coaching

» I teach pole and sensual movement classes that encourage women to connect with their bodies and it’s pretty much the best thing ever

» I’m obsessed with numerology and give birthday readings to all my friends

» I really, really dislike the smell of peanuts and especially the smell of bags of peanuts opening on an airplane. But I really love peanut butter. Also, I miss airplanes…

» I went to yearbook camp 🤓

» I am an amateur craft cocktail maker and wannabe Neapolitan pizza maker



Bringing your ideas to life.

Taking all the big ideas inside your head and turning them into a cohesive, compelling and one-of-a kind brand that feels like you and something you can’t wait to grow into.

We’ll mix together your vision, a good dose of inspiration and a heaping of my design savvy to create something truly special… a brand and website that feels like you, attracts your ideal client and looks amazing.

Chassie is a magical branding goddess sent from above!

When I came to her my branding was not an authentic reflection of my company and in need of a major makeover. I had a clear idea of what I wanted to achieve with no clue how to get there.

Chassie was patient, prompt, professional, and put up with my crazy brain throughout the entire process, delivering a site more stunning than I could’ve even imagined!

It’s not only full of juicy content and extremely user friendly, it’s so gorgeous that I’ve even had a potential client call in and gush about it (almost immediately after launch).

The amount of love and passion she has poured into the project is exceptional, constantly going above and beyond what was expected. Chassie has helped offer clarity with her creative talents, saving me time, money, and headaches. She has turned into my marketing guru and I’ve already asked her to take on more of my projects and recommended her to loved ones. I’m looking forward to seeing what other magic she creates with me and my team!

Traci Hauptman

Owner, The Dollhouse Fitness

Reasons why we’re a match made in heaven:


With over 20 years of experience as a professional designer, I know exactly how to elevate your brand from “meh” to “I need to work with her”. I’m a natural-born leader (although my younger sisters might just call me bossy) and I’ve got a proven process that will get us exactly where we need to go.


I’m bringing a whole lot of intuition to this party. I have an uncanny ability to get on your map and make sense of your vision (even if it feels a little hard to express at times). With a background in transformative coaching and holistic health, I know how to ask questions that uncover the essence of your brand and mission, with a level of insight that will almost certainly feel like I’m reading your mind.


I’m steady as a rock and my clients adore me for it. It saddens me that too many of my clients have been burned by unreliable contractors and designers in the past — and even left in the lurch by people who disappeared and didn’t finish the job they were tasked with. So it bears repeating: when we work together, I’ve got your back. I might be a wannabe backup dancer, but my sweet moves don’t include a disappearing act.