Alissa Kelly • PR Plus

Alissa is one powerhouse Female Entrepreneur and I’ve watched her hustle and grow her business for over 10 years so I was SO honored when she reached out to me to help her re-brand her public relations company, PR Plus, for their 25th Anniversary. She was looking for branding that represented their hip, foodie and music centric clients.

Design included: Branding, Social Media Graphics


Before working with Chassie, our logo felt dated. We had a very similar look since the ’90s and had always just updated the color. For our 25th anniversary, I wanted to get a whole new look.

Working with Chassie was really easy and fun to see how someone from the outside interpreted what we did via the logo ideas. It pulled us in a direction I never would have gone and the result was a stunning logo that has received a lot of attention and compliments!

Chassie was easy to work with, understood my changes or suggestions and also wasn’t afraid to provide her own ideas and thoughts about the direction we were moving.

Alissa Kelly

CEO, PR Plus

Pr PLus Branding