Gina Louise

It was such a pleasure working with Gina and not just because she is one of my dearest friends and soul sisters. This woman emits a brightness and warmth that draws you in and makes you want to curl up on the couch with a mug of tea and talk for hours.

In her coaching business she helps women who are working full-time while trying to build a health coaching career that can support their dreams and desires as mothers, wives and entrepreneurs.

Gina and I worked with Lauren Milner Photography and Laura Madden Lifestyle to really bring her brand to life through photos. It is always such a treat for me when I get to part of my client’s photoshoots.

Design included: Logo, Responsive Website, Photoshoot Art Direction, opt-in, copy editing and technical support.

You can see the full website here.

Chassie Bell Design and Branding
Chassie Bell Design | Gina Louise Coaching