Chassie has a great gift of being able to bring a brand to life. Prior to working with Chassie, I had gone through two re-brands for my business with other designers. The creative process that Chassie walked me through made it so much easier to express exactly what I was looking for in a brand.

Before we got the process started, I knew in my head what I wanted my brand to feel like but I really wasn’t sure how to express what I wanted to look like. Chassie provided me with the tools and the support by asking the right questions to truly understand the type of brand and logo that I wanted to achieve.

I couldn’t be happier with my new logo, branding and color scheme for my business. Chassie helped me put together my business cards, social media images, e-blast templates and so much more! I am excited to be able to share this new look and feel of my business with my clients, family, and friends. Highly recommended! 

Amy Krasner

Holistic Nutritionist, Nourished Balance

Where do I even begin? Chassie is amazing. When I originally started my business, I put together an amateur website and have always been a little embarrassed of it. I wanted a website that I could be proud of. When I was searching for a web designer, I knew right away that Chassie was going to be the perfect fit for me. Her excitement made me excited! She genuinely cares about her clients and goes above and beyond. I was expecting a new website, but what I got was so much more. She re-branded my business, gave me a fantastic new logo, and made a website that I absolutely LOVE. She has transformed my business in a way that I have always dreamed of.

Her approach to design is spectacular. She really took the time to understand exactly what I wanted and then ran with it. I could not be happier with how everything turned out. Chassie has renewed my love for my business and that is invaluable. Confession: I look at my website on the daily because I just love it so much!

Lauren Venosta

Clinical Nutritionist & Personal Chef, total body nourishment

Thank you Miss Chassie Bell for making a scary process FUN! Thank you for unleashing your ridiculous creativity into my brand, thank you for speaking to me in a language that I understand. Thank you for excluding from our conversations those web world words that feel like Chinese.

Thank you for always letting me know where we were in the process and thank you ALWAYS delivering on time!

I shall shout your name from the rooftop of my website! Hell Yeah people Chassie Bells designed this baby!!!!

Heather Lindemenn

Soul Shifter, Heather Lindemenn

Working with Chassie was an absolute pleasure. She truly listened to what I wanted, and the message, the energy and the overall feeling of my website really shows that. I feel like when clients visit my site, they get to know a little piece of me, and that is all of Chassie’s amazing composition, design and expertise coming through.

I wanted to work with Chassie because not only is she a wizard when it comes to graphic design, choosing the perfect fonts, and navigating the very confusing world of building a webpage, but she has first hand experience as a health coach and brought a unique blend of expertise to my site. Chassie worked fast and efficiently, and if I needed support, or wanted changes made she was incredibly responsive and helpful.

I still reach out to Chassie on a regular basis for support in this arena, and would highly recommend her services!”

Emily Potter

Clinical Nutritionist, NourishMint Wellness

Chassie is so amazing and was dead on when it came to understanding me and my brand. She led me through the creative process and gave me things to work on and think about so we could create something stellar together. She is understanding yet firm when when reining in my big ideas and making them a reality. As a result I got a website that screams ME, expressing the  feeling I want someone to have when landing on it. Plus she has a wonderful way with images that make you love the eye candy she creates for your brand. 

Gina Louise

Freedom and Clarity Coach, Gina Louise Coaching

Within minutes of talking with Chassie I could feel how much she cared about creating my website. I appreciated how she applied my ideas yet wasn’t afraid to use her own expertise to adjust, modify and take the site to a whole new level. She kept in great communication throughout the process and allowed me to check in on the site as it was being built. The result was an attractive, organized website that reflects my personality as well as my business perfectly. Both friends and clients continue to comment on how much they like my site.

Dave Lesinski

Transformational Healer, Dave Lesinski

“Chassie is such a positive and creative person, it is a joy to work with her on all of our advertising projects! She has made all of our graphics and projects look cleaner and more streamlined. She takes our very loose suggestions and turns them into images we love, time after time! She is respectful of deadlines, and always makes sure we are fully satisfied. 

Jenna Gilbertson

Optician, McCulley Optix Gallery

“I couldn’t have done my website without Chassie’s help. She took all the worry I had about working with a template, and helped me see how easy it could be to put my own spin on things. She gave me the toolI needed to face my fears of working in wordpress and actually made it a fun experience.” Amy Pienta

Creative Director, Somersault Letterpress

I have to say, [when my graphics are] on a bulletin board with everybody else’s stuff,  the colors and the look of it and everything just stand out and I’m soooo proud of it!  I feel like the look you created represents exactly what I wanted it to, in such a beautiful way. It’s warm but professional. You did a beautiful job. 

Corrie Phillips

Owner, Cider Mountain Juice Retreat

Chassie nailed my branding and was able to take my mess of a board to a beautiful logo, and over all website layout.  She kept the professional side I have and blended it with my personality to a T.  

Chassie has great strengths in design.  She can take something and narrow it down for you so that you aren’t challenged with too many options.  She keeps things cohesive so there isn’t a choppy feel, look, or maneuvering within the site.  She takes what you like and makes it not only your own, but also to the next level of something you likely had no idea you needed.  It’s clear she loves what she does and it shows through her work.  

Willow Buckley

Owner, Balancing Your Health

I had worked with three other developers to help me with my website and other marketing needs.  They all did what I asked them to do and since I am not an expert on website design I ended up with an ok site.  

Working with Chassie was such a different experience.  She listen to my needs, she asked me a lot of questions about my business, and what I wanted to get out of my webpage and with all this information, she created an amazing webpage.  For the first time ever I get clients that tell me that they decided to contact me because they love what my webpage says about myself and my business.  She captured what I needed and the way I wanted to come across.   Webpage development is a business card, the way potential clients get to meet us in a virtual way.  Chassie is easy to work with and has amazing ideas to support your needs, she is always accessible and open to make things look just the way you want to.  She has helped me with other products like flyers, and my business cards.  

Estella Bobadilla

Marriage and Family Therapist, Awakening Center